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When attorneys present


the right content

to the right people

in the right way...


The AudienceFIRST program fixes these problems, by combining the best presentation techniques and the best business development tactics into the only presentation development program designed just for attorneys.

  • Generate new contacts and clients

  • Save valuable development time

  • Better represent the firm's brand

  • Engage and delight audiences

Expect your attorneys to...

The Good News... 
We Fixed It.

For most attorneys, ordinary presentation skills training solves the wrong problem.


Being boring is not the problem. The problem is that their presentations don’t generate enough prospects or clients.


To succeed, attorneys only need to deliver effective presentations, not be great orators. 

The real measure of success is not a standing ovation, it's creating more relationships.

No. It's a presentation
development program.

Is this just another presentation skills training?

Spend Less Time “in the Weeds.” The program will free you up to help your attorneys with the more important parts of their presentations. 

Drive Greater Brand Consistency. Now all your firm’s presentations can have a similar look, feel and quality. 

See Fewer Ugly Presentations.  No more death by PowerPoint. Attorneys will develop professional, uncluttered slides and handouts. 

Provide Great “Lunch and Learn” Content. The modular construction of the program makes it a perfect fit for delivering in a series of webinars or lunches. 

In addition to helping your attorneys, we help you...

How can it help 
legal marketers?

Generate More Clients. They will learn proven techniques for generating new prospects, converting prospects to clients and deepening existing relationships.

Save Time. This easy-to-use system will shave hours off their development time. 

Make a Better Impression. Their slides will be better, their talks will be more engaging and memorable, and they will be more comfortable delivering them. 


Build Their Reputations. They will learn exactly how to use presentations to build their brand as recognized experts.

Your attorneys can expect to...

How will this program help my attorneys?

We are so confident in the quality and efficacy of this program that we guarantee your satisfaction.  Conduct a pilot program with a few of your attorneys, and if you or they aren't happy, well refund your money.


No questions asked.

Try a 100% Risk-Free
Pilot Program?



(and give me the FREE module, too)

Give Me a FREE Module
and More Information

I Want to Talk with You 
about a Low-Cost Pilot Program

"I hope you and your attorneys get a chance to experience this wonderful program.  I have received a lot of good feedback and it has been very gratifying to see the results my clients have gotten from using these ideas and tools.


What I hear from virtually all my clients, is they just want an easy way to develop a good presentation that generates clients and builds their brand. So, I designed the AudienceFIRST program to do just that. It is the only program I know of where you get to learn all the best practices as you develop your next presentation."

David Adams, Founder, Revenue Wise

Unfortunately, Too Many Attorneys...

Don't generate enough new contacts or clients from their presentations. 

Don't have a proven way of developing great 

presentations and slides.

Don't have a reliable way of engaging and delighting audiences. 

The attorney presentation process is broken

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