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Next Steps?

Who developed 
the program?

Is there a 
money back guarantee?

How can the program
be delivered?

How does the program work?

Yes, you can try it 
100% risk-free.

We are so confident in the quality and efficacy of this program that we guarantee your satisfaction.

Conduct a pilot program with a few of your attorneys.


If you or they are not happy, we’ll refund your money.


No questions asked.

We pioneered the “Learn-As-You-Do” approach. Your attorneys immediately begin developing a presentation and learn as they complete it. 


No need to waste time on unnecessary topics.


They complete the program in 3 steps:

  1. Attend the “Essentials” webinar class.

  2. In between classes, complete their 
    presentation and slides.


  3. Attend the “Present with Authority” webinar. 

Each Module Contains:

  1. A short video to get them started quickly.

  2. worksheet, so they can begin right away.

  3. And a quick reference guide, in case they get stuck. 

Your attorneys begin developing their presentations in the Central Module. Then, when they want to learn or do more, they simply open one of the supporting modules.

Supporting Modules:

-  How to develop great slides

-  How to generate new clients

-  How to improve presentation delivery

-  How to become a Recognized Expert

-  How to find the best opportunities

-  How to develop compelling topics

Those who followed our suggestions, 

improved along one or more the following metrics:

  • Saved time developing their presentations;

  • Generated new contacts, clients or deepened their relationships with existing clients;

  • Improved their brands as Recognized Experts;

  • Developed better quality slides and handouts.


But don't take our word for it, read what some recent clients have said:

It's designed for the most time-starved attorneys.

David is a seasoned coach, trainer and author. For over 20 years he has helped attorneys become better business developers, leaders and presenters.


What he observed in his one-on-one coaching work, was that virtually none of his attorneys had a proven method for developing good presentations that generated clients, built their reputations as Recognized Experts and delighted their audiences.

He developed the AudienceFirst program to solve these problems. 

The Program contains 1 central
and 6 supporting modules.

We have achieved results with over 200 attorneys.

“I followed your design suggestions and the client hired us for our largest engagement to date. Thanks!”

Startup Partner - AMLAW 200 Firm

“Thanks David. Your suggestion to offer the audience a free ‘IP Toolkit’ generated 9 new leads.”

Regional Full Service Firm - IP Partner

“I would have never put in the effort to connect with the audience before and after the talk. I landed 1 client and 3 leads.”

Senior Litigator - National Employment Firm

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Try a Pilot Program!

It's absolutely Risk-Free, and a painless way for you to test the program before rolling it out to more of your partners and associates.

Just click the button below to get started and we'll determine the best way to proceed together.

“Few of my clients want to give presentations and become great orators. What they want is an easy way to develop a good presentation that generates clients and builds their brand. I designed this program to do just that.  It is the only program I know of where you get to learn all the best practices as you develop your presentation.”  

David Adams, Founder, Revenue Wise.

"Given the huge investments firm leaders, marketers and attorneys make in presentations and the fact that they rarely generate business, this seemed like a great way to help everyone involved be more successful"

- David Adams

“Why are so many of our colleagues – decent, well-educated, well-intentioned folks – so good at being so boring? Has their devotion to data and sound science made them forget that audiences need not only to be educated, but emotionally engaged as well?" - Andy Goodman, The Goodman Center

When attorneys present


the right content,

to the right people, 

in the right way...


Standard Approach

This is our most popular format. We begin and end the program with one-hour webinars. In between classes, your attorneys complete the Learn-As-They-Do modules to construct their presentations. 



Give me a FREE Module
and More Information

I Want to Talk With You 
About a Low-Cost Pilot Program

(and give me the FREE module too)

David Adams,
Founder of Revenue Wise

What's in 
the program?

How do I know 
it will work?

Customized Approach

We can tailor our training to your firm and deliver it via webinar or classroom. Your attorneys can complete the Learn-As-They-Do modules with a variety of levels of support, either provided by Revenue Wise or by your team. 

Licensed Approach

We license your firm our materials and train your team to deliver our program. Your attorneys access the learn-as-they-do module when needed. Your team provides the after-class support.

Spend Less Time “In the Weeds.” The program will free you up to help your attorneys with the more important parts of their presentations. 

Drive Greater Brand Consistency. Now all your firm’s presentations can have a similar look, feel and quality. 

See Fewer Ugly Presentations.  No more death by PowerPoint. Attorneys will develop professional, uncluttered slides and handouts. 

Povide Great “Lunch and Learn” Content. The modular construction of the program makes it a perfect fit for delivering in a series of webinars or lunches. 

Save Time. This easy-to-use system will shave hours off their development time. 

Generate More Clients. They will learn proven techniques for generating new prospects, converting prospects to clients and deepening existing relationships.

Make a Better Impression. Their slides will be better, their talks will be more engaging and memorable – and they will be more comfortable delivering them. 


Build Their Reputations. Your attorneys will learn exactly how to use presentations to build their brand as a Recognized Experts

In addition to helping your attorneys, we also help you...

The AudienceFIRST program is the only presentation development course designed specifically for attorneys that combines the best presentation techniques and the best business development tactics into one solution.

For most attorneys, ordinary presentation skills training solves the wrong problem.


Being “boring” is not the problem, the problem is that their presentations don’t generate enough prospects or clients.


To succeed, attorneys only need to deliver effective presentations, not be charismatic speakers. 

The real measure of success is not a standing ovation, it's more relationships.

No. It's a presentation
development program

-  Generate new contacts and clients

-  Save valuable development time

-  Better represent the firm's brand

-  Engage and delight audiences

Your attorneys can expect to...

Expect your attorneys to...

The Good News... 
We Fixed It.

The attorney presentation process is broken

How can it help 
legal marketers?

Is this just another presentation skills training?

How will this program help my attorneys?


 are being  subjected to boring, unengaging talks that do not provide them with useful content; often leaving them unimpressed.


are spending thousands of dollars on pay-to-play events that don't represent the firm well or result in new business.  


are spending hundreds of billable hours to create and deliver presentations that don't result in new contacts or clients.

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