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How does the program work?

We pioneered the “Learn-As-You-Do” approach. As your attorneys develop their presentations, they are simultaneously learning the required best practices. 


This means there's no need for them to spend time on unnecessary topics.


Your attorneys complete the program in three steps:

  1. Attend the “Essentials” webinar.

  2. Complete their presentation and slides between classes.

  3. Attend the “Present with Authority” webinar. 

It's designed for the most time-starved attorneys.

“Why are so many of our colleagues – decent, well-educated, well-intentioned folks – so good at being so boring? Has their devotion to data and sound science made them forget that audiences need not only to be educated but emotionally engaged as well?" - Andy Goodman, The Goodman Center

We are so confident in the quality and efficacy of this program that we guarantee your satisfaction.  Conduct a pilot program with a few of your attorneys, and if you or they aren't happy, well refund your money.


No questions asked.

Try a 100% Risk-Free
Pilot Program?



Each Module Contains:

  1. A short video to get them started quickly.

  2. worksheet, so they can begin right away.

  3. And a quick reference guide, in case they get stuck. 

Your attorneys begin developing their presentations in the Central Module. Then, when they want to learn or do more, they simply open one of the supporting modules.

Supporting Modules:

  • How to develop great slides

  • How to generate new clients

  • How to improve presentation delivery

  • How to become a Recognized Expert

  • How to find the best opportunities

  • How to develop compelling topics

The program contains one central and six supporting modules.

What's in 
the program?

How is the program

Deliver with Confidence

We conclude with a final webinar focusing on effective delivery on Game Day; how to read the room, adjust your presentation style, create and maintain an effective inner state - all the skills needed to make your talk effective.

Create Your Presentation

Our Learn-As-You-Do approach is specifically for time-starved attorneys. As they create their presentation, each content area is supported by additional self-study modules. Attorneys can select the learning they need that's relevant at the time.

Get Started Right

The program begins with a kick-off webinar, establishing BD best practices, orienting participants to the organization and resources of the program, and getting them started on their next presentation.

We have achieved results with more than 200 attorneys.

Those who followed our suggestions

improved along one or more of the following metrics:

  • Generated new contacts or clients or deepened their relationships with existing clients

  • Saved time developing their presentations

  • Improved their brands as recognized experts

  • Developed better-quality slides and handouts

How do I know 
it will work?

“I followed your design suggestions and the client hired us for our largest engagement to date. Thanks!”

Start-up Partner - AMLAW 200 Firm

“Thanks, David. Your suggestion to offer the audience a free ‘IP tool kit’ generated nine new leads.”

Regional Full-Service Firm - IP Partner

“I would have never put in the effort to connect with the audience before and after the talk. I landed one client and three leads.”

Senior Litigator - National Employment Firm

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"I hope you and your attorneys get a chance to experience this wonderful program.  I have received a lot of good feedback and it has been very gratifying to see the results my clients have gotten from using these ideas and tools.


What I hear from virtually all my clients, is they just want an easy way to develop a good presentation that generates clients and builds their brand. So, I designed the AudienceFIRST program to do just that. It is the only program I know of where you get to learn all the best practices as you develop your next presentation."

David Adams, Founder, Revenue Wise

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